7 . Return of Work

To avoid having to store work indefinitely, establish a deadline for collection or return of the entries. Entrants value their work and with clear guidelines, returns will run smoothly avoiding storage costs and risk of damage.

Lack of attention to this process suggests a disregard for the time, effort and money involved in creating the entries and will deter entrants.

Ownership of items entered into a competition

Ownership of the physical items entered in the competition is separate from ownership of the copyright: ownership of the physical items is determined under general law.

Terms and Conditions of Entry should clearly indicate what ownership right organisers want to claim if any. Generally this should always be discouraged since the organisers motives, for offering the competition, could be brought into question.

It is common for entries to be returned to entrants, (costs incorporated in the entry fee or additional at entrants’ expense) Alternatively, entries are disposed of after a notified date or organisers keep all entries having agreed usage rights with the entrant.

Organisers should be very wary about keeping entries, as they will be liable for protecting the moral rights of the entrants in perpetuity. Disposing, loaning, hiring, selling or profiting from entries is unethical and could lead to litigation. Similarly, organisers may become liable for copyright infringements that may occur.

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