3 . Reproduction of Entries


It is important to stipulate that works/images will only be used in relation to the event. It is also reasonable to establish a time limit on usage in the contexts allowed. Catalogues should be regarded as an events- related publications and may be sold to recover costs without a license fee to the entrant. Most entrants will welcome a catalogue as portfolio "evidence" that their work was included in an event.

All reasonable care must always be taken to protect entrants’ works from unauthorised use. Organisers should use only low-resolution files in electronic media and protect entrants work with watermarks and/or copyright notices.

Use of entries for reproduction outside the context of the event can usually be negotiated at reasonable market rates, resulting in a win/win outcome for all involved.

Book publication/Merchandise

Reproduction of entries in books or other formats such as calendars, cards, carry-bags, postcards, gift items, DVD etc. should be negotiated separately with each entrant. Such reproduction is usually for merchandising purposes beyond the embrace of event-related promotion and prior permission must be granted.

If organisers intend from the outset to publish a book, adding an explanatory phrase to the conditions of entry may facilitate the process, such as:
“Publication of a book is proposed using selected competition/exhibition entries. Entrants will be contacted in advance for permission, and to negotiate a reasonable commercial licence fee for such use."

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