Competition Organisers

Are you organising a competition or similar event?

Some points to consider...

The following points of clarification will vary depending on the objectives, dynamics, economic and social aspects of each and every project.

Clarification at an early stage in planning for you as organiser, and in the entry form for entrants, will enhance the outcome for all. Ask yourselves the following:

The Event

Why are you organising this event? Why here and now? What are you trying to create? A competition, exhibition, awards, stand-alone event, supplementary event, piece of history, archival collation of work, stimulus? Who are you hoping to attract to this project - contributors, sponsors, artists, buyers, future supporters, public, trade, peers?

What is your desired outcome from this event - short term and long term, for yourselves, entrants, audience, industry, charity, company, group, wider community, country?

Entrant criteria

Who qualifies as an entrant - amateurs, professionals, students, NZ residents, NZ citizens, anyone?


What qualifies as an entry?

The Judging Process

How will you ensure the judging is a fair, balanced and respected process?

Who is qualified to assess the entries? What guidelines in keeping with the event have you established for judging?

How will you maintain anonymity of entrants and impartiality in the process?

Money Matters

Who do you hope to attract as sponsors and event partners? Will work be sold and if so, technically by whom on what financial basis? What financial management structure do you have in place to account for the multitude of transactions involved? What are entry fees intended to be used for? Cost of entries for a) organisers b) entrants?


Lateral thinking about promotional opportunities in partnership with sponsors or supporters can enhance the outcome of the event for all.

Think about:
- News value to community/national newspapers, radio, television;
  and Niche market interests;
- Exposure value in public/market sectors for sponsors/partners;
- Existing sponsor/partner campaigns/advertising that could be enhanced or dovetail into your event;
- Public relations development opportunities.



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