Guidelines for Competition Organisers devising Terms and Conditions and Entry Forms

Important notes:

These guidelines are intended for use among a wide range of the visual arts; painting, graphic design, motion graphics, photography and mixed media.

They are also intended to be used in a broad range of situations such as in organising competitions, awards, exhibitions and promotional events to which professional practitioners and members of the public are invited to submit original visual material.

Organisers of such events might be community based, corporate, educational, promotional, charitable or “not-for-profit”.

The final Terms and Conditions of entry to an event will be shaped by the organisers’ purpose in arranging the event and may be further influenced by major sponsors. Care should be taken to prevent exploitation of entrants. Clarifying the primary purpose of the event assists in this process.

The model guidelines offered here are widely supported in the creative industries and therefore represent an acceptable standard for those who are considering organising, or entering, exhibitions, competitions
or awards.

Terms and Conditions of Entry should accompany the Entry Form. The Entry Form itself should be informative and may also include rules for entry. Terms and Conditions are a contractual declaration between the entrant and the organisers.

The Entry Form should clearly indicate:

  1. Who is eligible to enter the event. (Professionals? amateurs? residents?).
  2. Persons not eligible. (Employees and associates of the organisers?)
  3. Entrant’s name and contact details. (And age where relevant).
  4. Entry requirement details including: subject or theme of competition/event
  5. Medium, format, dimensions, presentation of entries
  6. Categories of entry, definitions and explanations
  7. Number of entries per category/ per entrant
  8. Timeframe within which the work must have been created/completed
  9. Identification of work

  10. Other entry requirements and details could include:

  11. Ineligible entries (published work? prize-winning work from other events?)
  12. Entry fees/payment details/issue of GST receipts
  13. Delivery address for entries and deadline for entries
  14. Signature of entrant agreeing to Terms and Conditions
  15. Organisers’ contact details
  16. Judging date and composition of judging panel
  17. Display of work, date prizes offered and means of notification of winners
  18. Insurance liability/replacement values/sale prices/commission on sold work/disclaimer
  19. Retrieval/return of work



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