What is CompGiNZ?


Competitions, awards and exhibitions of the visual arts are now widely recognised as effective platforms from which to promote a brand, product or image to a broad audience.

They often form part of a company or organisation's marketing strategy. Visual arts competitions can be a drawcard to a wide audience. For artists, competitions represent a focussed opportunity to promote themselves to that audience and the organisers. In recent years technology has helped facilitate such projects. That same technology has also exposed visual artists to exploitation, and exposed organisers and sponsors to litigation and negative publicity.

With some planning and attention to terms and conditions, competitions, awards and exhibitions can become genuine win - win opportunities for all. The key is to establish clear terms and conditions to avoid misunderstanding between entrants and organisers.

To that end, and in consultation with associations around the world, a working party has established competition and sponsorship guidelines appropriate for use in New Zealand.

Adherence to these guidelines by both entrants and organisers will help ensure that our obligations under New Zealand laws, including the Copyright Act 1994 the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Privacy Act 1993 are met. The guidelines will also ensure adherence to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, of which New Zealand is a signatory.

The intention of the Terms and Conditions Guidelines is to respect and fairly protect creative and intellectual property rights for all, without inhibiting the potential effectiveness of competitive events as a promotional vehicle for the organisers and sponsors.



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